Rishi Aurobinda Institute of Teachers Education


Application for the new batch of B.E.D will be start from first February of 2018 And the notice for D.L.E.D batch will be public soon

Chairman's Quote

It is great to educate a child in true and larger sense of the world. Hence, the ultimate goal of our college ‘Rishi Aurobindo Institute of Teacher Education’ under Amaranth Altruist Charitable Trust is to empower the students to rise and shine. Our vision, mission and values, on the basis of which we have been able to establish our institute, are quite pragmatic enough to provide high quality education to our students, who will surely excel in every sphere of their life. As a Chairman, I feel that I have moral obligation to help the students of my institute grow to become excellent human beings empowered with academic excellence.


Amaranth Altruist Charitable Trust (AACT), Midnapre has been set up as a public charitable trust in the year 2006 and registered by DSR under section 60 and Rule 69 on 19th August, 2011 dedicated to promote, establish, maintain and manage educational institutions with the aims and objects for furtherance of education of SC, ST, Minority Community and down trodden people of the society and welfare of the old, aged, infirm, senior citizen, notified back work communities. This trust is managed by a Board of Members comprising of 7 (seven) personalities who are great visionaries.

The trust aims at setting up of schools, colleges, training institute; to built up social environmental health; to built up social communication wing ‘a Research Cell’ for various aspects comprising of professional communication, advertising and social research; to promote and encourage education among women, physically disabled person, socially and economically under privileged section of the society; to set up medical center for treatment of public health for old infirm, senior citizen, socially backward persons and students; creation of social awareness against social evils etc.